Lahore- Disheartened and disappointed over the social injustices prevailing in the country, Governor Punjab Ch Mohammad Sarwar has decided to resign from his post.

The move comes days after he called out the federal government for failing to enter partnership with the United States government, as he said India had done. "I have resigned on my own accord," Sarwar said in a press conference today.

He further added that he can help the masses more effectively away from the governor house, explaining that the decision to resign had nothing to do with the Sharif brothers.

The government accepted his resignation, with Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Iqbal having taken over as acting governor Punjab. Sarwar denied any communication with the Prime Minister House, and denied reports saying that he was asked to resign.

Punjab Governor said that he relinquished his British nationality and had come to Pakistan to do something for the people of this country.

“ Seeing the injustices through my own eyes and not being able to do a single thing to bring an end to the inequality, barbarism, inflation and lawlessness prevailing in this country I have decided to quit my post, as if I can’t do anything for my follow men I have no right to stick to my post”, he said.

The governor further said that despite leaving his post he would not leave his countrymen in a lurch and would continue for ending social injustices through his personal capacity.

He said that despite being a British national he had always wanted to do something for Pakistan that is why he had relinquished his nationality. He had come to bring a positive change and put this country on the path of prosperity. But unfortunately my dream could not be materialized.

“With a heavy heart I apologies to my fellow countrymen that I could not do anything to get them out of self deprivation and rid them of social injustices”, Sarwar said.

He said that despite difficult situation he did manage to do some work like provision of clean water, market access to Pakistani products in European Markets through GSP plus and approval of foreign aid to Pakistani educational institutions.

Ch Sarwar said that he is a self made man and has struggled hard to get where he is today. Advocating the western social system, he said that it was due to his hard work that he got due respect in a society where there is equal opportunities for the poor and rich to get justice and move ahead.

He said that in western Society there are no prejudices against cast and creed. He wanted to create a similar culture in Pakistan which is free of ills of cast, creed and colour where justice is for all poor and rich. Equal opportunities for education exist for the rich and poor but unfortunately he failed.

He said that VIP cultures and protocols were not his wish. “After resigning I will go back to UK. But I promise to the farmers, and drown trodden and poor of this country that I will be back and will fight the war for their rights in personal capacity.”

Replying to a volley of questions by media men he said that he would announce his future course of strategy after consulting his comrades and family members. He said that he would come back to Pakistan in a few days and would reply to all queries.

Earlier, they were reports the prime minister was considering replacing the governor in light of his statements against the incumbent Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. Further, Sarwar had censured the Foreign Office for US President Barack Obama visiting India and not Pakistan as a “failure” on part of the country’s foreign policy.

Last year in October, it was reported Sarwar had decided to play a more active role in Pakistani politics from the PML-N platform.