Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gains whereas transparency means shedding light on shady deals, and illicit practices that undermine good governance.

Since 1995, “Transparency International” has been releasing Corruption Perception Index of the countries that it surveys. It is a moment of immense pleasure for all the Pakistanis that Pakistan has jumped from 50th position to 53rd on Berlin-based Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, 2015. According to which PAKISTAN fares better than all SAARC states namely India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, Pakistan is the country that improved its CPI score whereas the rest either scored the same or scored less. Never in the history of the country, Pakistan scored that well. it is the result of zero tolerance for corruption.

In Transparency International’s CPI 2015, Pakistan is a reflection of transparency and compliance with the rules and regulations in the CPEC and other mega projects that has been implemented by the PML (N) government.

The improved ranking is also a slap on the faces of those who are in the habit of making false accusations. CPI 2015 has proved them all wrong. Today is the happy day in the land of pure and I hope to witness more days like today in the future as well.


Lahore, January 27.