LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif yesterday announced to set up a joint action committee to further improve security situation in the universities across the province.

Ministers, government officials and vice chancellors will be the members of the committee that will enjoy financial and the administrative autonomy in the matters of ensuring foolproof security in the universities both private and public.

The chief minister also issued direction to the authorities concerned for setting up a committee for evolving counter terrorism narrative.

This committee will comprise vice chancellors of private and public sector universities, intellectuals and educationists.

The chief minister made these announcements during a meeting that discussed and shared views on adopting such security measures in consultation with all stake-holders that no terror or untoward incident could take place in these education institutions of the largest province of the country.

Various proposals came from both sides in light of which decisions were made to overcome any shortcoming if existed anywhere in the security matters of the universities.

Speaking to the participants of the meeting, the CM said that protection of students and teachers of private and public sector universities is the collective responsibility which will be discharged efficiently.

“Punjab government is spending billions of rupees on the promotion of education and the security of students is the top priority,” said Shahbaz Sharif.

“There will be no shortage of resources for security arrangements for the teachers and students. All out cooperation and funds would be provided for security measures in universities,” he added.

The CM further said that war against terrorism is aimed at survival of the country and the mindset of extremism and terrorism will have to be defeated. “War against terrorism will also have to be fought on the ideological front with full force,” he added.

Shahbaz also stressed the need to for evolving a counter terrorism narrative, saying that universities will have to play a leading role in this regard.

Besides elimination of extremism and terrorism, hatred and religious differences will also have to be buried, he added.