ISLAMABAD: Indian forces in held Kashmir use torture as weapon to punish Kashmiri detainees and to force them into becoming informers, or join organisations that counter freedom fighters’ groups, revealed a rights organisation.

“Torture is used to extract information, punish Kashmiri detainees and try to force them to become informers or join counter freedom fighters’ organisations,” said a report of Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The report said the Indian forces are also engaged in extorting money from the victims’ families.

The most common forms of torture include severe beatings and electric shock. Detainees’ legs are often stretched apart and they are frequently suspended from the wrists, or upside down for extended periods, which can lead to paralysis.

One of the most insidious forms of torture is the use of a heavy log or roller to apply excruciating pressure on a detainee’s legs. The roller is rotated over the victim’s legs with a man sitting or standing on it. To enhance the pain, sometimes the number of people over the roller is multiplied.

Extensive use of the roller frequently leads to kidney damage. Severe beatings also induce kidney failure, as can electric shock.