Pakistan is becoming a hard country. I am saying this with a heavy heart. My thesis is that we are encountering numerous menaces in Pakistan such as ignorance, illiteracy, extremism, terrorism, corruption, and nepotism, among others. All these menaces are growing rapidly and encircling the whole society.

We are in dire need of a national narrative. For this we will have to revisit our syllabi, our education system and empower the teachers. The state is in favour of military action. It is necessary because the state of affairs has worsened so the strikes are imperative but the strikes are not permanent solution.

The teachers and the students can play a key role in this regard if they are taken into confidence. At present stage, teachers are not playing their roles because of fear. They are afraid of being labeled political. Generally it is considered that the teachers have nothing to do with the affairs of state and society. Research culture in Pakistan is not being promoted. There is no reading culture in Pakistan what to talk of research. We have no libraries even in schools.

Impart awareness to all the factions of the society and politicize your youth and teachers. Have faith and confidence in them and give them the task of peaceful Pakistan, they will certainly give you a tolerant society and corruption free Pakistan.


Lahore, December 11.