Pomelo lounge a setup, recently launched at M-M-Alam road Lahore has ravishingly took a head start. I came to know about this place through Facebook. They have advertised amicably for their restaurant. But one thing I must say, whatever they have marketed, is what you will get. I guess this setup had recently been established and that's the mantra of their efficient and welcoming response. Attracting customers through promotional deals had done well for the restaurant's publicity.


Taking advantage of their New Year’s deal we decided to spend our new years eve at this very vibrant and fresh place. They have done really well with the interior. Red comfortable chairs, soothing environment, light music in the background-what more can one want for a new years eve especially if you want to enjoy a fine conversation with your companion and in order to avoid the hassle of a jam-packed restaurant with extremely loud music.


It was hard for us to decide what to order since they had this huge list of variable cuisines, with the help of manager who was quite keen to guide us,

We ordered grilled chicken sandwich, chicken with cashew nuts and egg fried rice.


 They served us complimentary margaritas which were just ok. I had better margaritas before. The mint flavor was giving it toothpaste’ish flavour which isn’t at all appealing. They must switch to the traditional margaritas and eliminate the element of some artificial minty crystals.


- It was simply superb. The taste was simply tantalizing and the serving was enough to satisfy one person’s appetite.


We were served complimentary Ferero cake as per their new year’s deal. I was surprised to see a big and extremely well presented slice of Ferero cake coming our way but to my disappointment the cake was just average in taste. I believe they focused more on presenting this huge chunk of Ferero cake instead of the flavor and the aftertaste, it was edible but not the dessert one would want to place an order if not included in the deal.


It was a fine-dine experience. Excluding the drinks everything was appetizing.


Ambiance 9/10

Taste 8/10

Quantity 9/10

Quality 8/10

Value for money 8/10