LAHORE - Schools across the province have been closed down in order to plug the way of terror activity which has been found linked with the foggy season after Charsadda terror hit, law minister Rana Sanullah Khan said yesterday.“Punjab is under constant terror threat and the purpose of closing the schools in the province is also an opportunity for the government to revisit the security arrangements and plug the loopholes if existed anywhere,” the minister told the media along with Spokesman of Punjab Government Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri, Information Secretary Momen Agha.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is personally monitoring the security steps and he doesn’t want any area unattended which may cause problem, they told the media.The minister highly applauded Transparency International (TI) report on the improved rating of the PML-N government towards curbing corruption in the country. “Since last three years the government improved the anti-corruption tally by 17 points which would go a long way to firm up trust of the world in this government,” Sanaullah added. The minister, however, admitted everything was still not perfect and efforts were afoot to wipe out corruption at the lower level in the public departments.

Rana Sana wanted his political opponent and media persons to learn from the Transparency International report and avoid criticising the government anymore. “It was an even more heartening feature that Pakistan was the only country in the region that marked this achievement,” said Sanaullah, adding that it was not the performance of one province but of the whole country.In the same breath, the minister censured those media persons who only look at seamy side of the government and played it up and did not portray when good news comes about its performance. “A lot of hype was created when some minor flaws hit Nandipur Power Project and no one bothered to highlight when the project was operational and all the accusations related to the project were addressed,” Sanaullah stated.

When asked about KPK Chief Minister invoking Council of Common Interest on CPEC, the law minister abhorred making the CPEC controversial as it was done in the case of Kalabagh Dam as this game changer project has to benefit the whole country. To a question on empowerment of the Local Government institutions, Sanaullah said the elected representatives at this tier will be empowered through legislation once they become functional as then their needs would be assessed as to what they wanted to provide for the layman at the grass root.

“Ours law on Local government differed from that of Musharraf’s which did not empower people at this level nor any system of check and balance was maintained which made way to corruption and irregularities,” added the PML-N leader.To a question he replied it was government’s constitutional right to keep check on the Local Bodies and monitor their activity to give better service to the masses.Local government institutions would be put in place by the end of next month (February), he further said.