The greatest asset of any nation is the unfettered minds and hearts of its people. Generally, I observe that people criticise Pakistan but Pakistan is not all about terrorism, corruption, unemployment, bad leadership, etc. The good points of Pakistan have been hidden in this layer of violence. I feel that it’s our duty to defend our country’s honour and bring to light the best of Pakistan that was hidden for the last 70 years.

Being Pakistani I am proud of geniuses who proved themselves in front of the whole world like Arfa Karim, Ali Moen Nawazish, Haroon Tariq, Moosa Firoz; they all are Pakistanis. We not only have corrupt politicians but we have great people full of fire and enthusiasm like Late Abdus SattarEdhi. The Edhi Trust runs the largest ambulance network in the world and is completely free; it is run entirely on donations.

Pakistan is the first Muslim country to attain nuclear power. Boasting the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers; it is no wonder Pakistan is the first Muslim country to have access to nuclear weapons that ensure that it is safe from any external threats.

Despite our many tragedies, we remain one of the happiest people in the world. The Chacha at the Wagah border continues to make us smile with his contagious patriotism. The Pakistani flag continues to flutter atop roofs in all corners of our country. If only we were not obsessed with what we’ve not been given and instead channelled the greatest gift that God could give a nation – the ability to persevere despite the odds – our best days would’ve already been here. In end, I would pray all of you to love this country as a blessing of God, stand united, guard its identity and geographical boundaries, work day and night for its better and exalted image. Pakistan Zindabad.


Lahore, January28.