Instead of campaigning on issues confronted by people such as lack of subsidized education, health, clean drinking water, worsening law and order, economy, etc. and highlighting achievements in provinces where they hold power, almost all political parties are ranting up religious sentiments. 

Khatam e Nabuwat has settled the issue by Divine revelation in Holy Quran, and anybody with doubts is automatically evicted from Islam. The self-appointed custodians of Islam, roam around in luxurious imported SUVs, recruiting poor semi-literate poor youth for proxy wars under the guise of Jihad while sending their children for education in Europe or America. There is not one instance of Jihad launched by Prophet (PBUH) and his companions, where every able-bodied member of their family did not participate. Whether it is hypocrisy of so-called jihad waged by Zia ul Haq, Akhtar Abdur Rehman, Hamid Gull, etc. and their political collaborators, none of them sent their children to fight these so-called holy wars, but benefitted from Billions of US$ to fight their proxy war. 

The PML(N), PPP, PTI, JUI(F), PML(Q), etc. who have been in power during past three decades need to focus on their achievements in provinces. Recently thousands of school teachers who were allegedly sold jobs in irregular recruitments during 2008-2013 have been protesting in Karachi. Similarly, there are numerous allegations of gross irregularities in recruitment and selling jobs in already surplus state corporations like PSM, KPT, PIA, CAA, Railways, etc. which have been driven to bankruptcy. Illegal land grabbing thrives in the country. 

Similar charges of irregularities in the award of contracts for mega projects, power generation, and appointments have been levied against those who held power in Punjab, Baluchistan, KPK, GB, etc. Wasting scarce state resources has become a norm for paid civil/uniformed and elected ruling elite of this country evidenced by lavish lifestyles on state expense. Instead of levying taxes on affluent and welfare of deprived, governments are busy giving tax amnesties and protecting land mafia and criminals. Pakistan today faces threats from within by evil nexus of IS, illiteracy, extremism, corruption, and denial of justice, far more than external enemies. 


Lahore, January 9.