Pakistani doctors are now earning the international acclaim as they are giving consultations to patients not only in Pakistan but all around the globe. The wonderful news comes on the heels of a lunch of Marham’s online consultation service by which Pakistani doctors are now accessible even to international patients.

Doctors from our neighboring countries have been ahead of us when it comes to technology and they attracted patients even from Pakistan. Medical tourism has also increased all around the global and Pakistan was lagging behind despite the fact that doctors in Pakistan are no less competent than other doctors in the world but until now didn’t have the platform to go big or compete at the international level.

Marham – Find A Doctor, the leading healthcare platform took on this challenge and launched its online consultation platform to facilitate doctors and patients from Pakistan. This platform enables doctors to give consultations to international patients, offer home based follow-ups to patients, record history of patients securely and generate prescriptions at a world class standard. More than 5000+international consultations have been given by the Pakistani doctors using the online consultation platform of Marham.

This service is very common in countries like USA, UK, Canada where doctors give online consultations and patients also prefer to get themselves checked online. Now, Marham has introduced online consultation service so that can check patients online also the people of Pakistan can experience healthcare just like in foreign countries.

Another major benefits of this service is that in Pakistan, access to a qualified doctor is extremely difficult because of the long distances to hospitals and the waiting time you have to face. Now by using Marham’s online consultation service, patients can get the healthcare service from the comfort of their home and get authentic advice from a qualified doctors in a matter of a few minutes. Patients can visit the Marham website or application, submit their details and get connected to qualified & authentic doctors over audio or video call within minutes. Many people who live in rural areas and way from hospitals, the service enables them to acquire medical consultation without the hassle of travelling long hours.

The scope of Pakistani doctors as result has seen an increase all around the world and patients in the country are experiencing healthcare like never before.