The strong reaction by the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding Pakistani skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s racist comments directed at South African batsman Andile Phehlukwayo is what will set the precedent for future players to manage their correspondence with the opposing team. Racist comments are not acceptable in any form of the game. It is important to sensitise players regarding different cultures that they are interacting with along with respecting the standards being set by the game.

The Pakistani cricket team will face the drawback of this action as Sarfaraz will have to face a 4-day suspension from the current series and Shoaib Malik will be leading the team. The absence of a captain will impact the lineup of the team and in order to avoid such a situation, it is important to set the right precedent which demands players to meet the decorum of the game. Sarfaraz Ahmed claimed that his remarks were not meant to target his race, rather comments made in jest due to the performance of the player. Despite that claim, according to the ICC’s Anti-Racism Code for Participants states that; the conduct, if committed by a participant at any time during, or in relation to, an international match, shall amount to an offence.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) says it is disappointed by the decision of the ICC to suspend Sarfaraz from the game because the two players amicably resolved the issue. However, it is important that actions during the game are monitored and players are held responsible for how they act and whatever comments they make. Just because the players forgave each other does not mean the incident can go without censure. Racism affects a great deal of the population of the world. The players and individuals representing us should be wary of such actions and must contribute in a manner removes such barriers.