A protest-turned movement is a topic of great debate in France as it continues to hurt the second largest European country’s economy by putting life and property at risk.

Protesters have chosen yellow vest jackets as a symbol of higher visibility. As per French law, since 2008, all French motorists are required to have yellow vest in vehicle for high-visibility, which these protestors are now adopting to make a political statement. The unrest continues as the long list of grievances of yellow vest protesters is yet to to meet its fate. Some of these grievances include President Macron’s resignation, increase in minimum wages, reintroduction of solidarity tax on wealth and lower fuel tax, which earlier was the real cause of the protest.

Recent news reports suggest that 60 per cent of France’s speed cameras are knocked out by the protestors, raising concern for more violent actions that may take place. The authorities in question, more importantly President Manuel Macron, must give serious thought to the demands of the protesters to ensure peace and prosperity for the French people before the situation gets out of control.


Larkana, January 15.