A journey for a professional who travels daily from one end of Lahore- Wapda town to the opposite corner to UET, faces a major dilemma. A dilemma for the merit of a growing metropolis, a dilemma for the resident commuter and a dilemma for the environment.

The new traffic police department was initiated during the government of Pervaiz with a positive and motivational energy only to fall into such a sorrowful shamble of what is observable today. The traffic wardens have been reduced to guiding traffic at most junctions instead of the traffic lights doing their job. This leaves no police manpower to keep traffic order.

Towards the city center is the rowdiest traffic anyone can possibly experience. High traffic density already existing on those roads with hasty drivers who’d take every advantage to squeeze in through the narrowest spaces, least bothered about other road users beside them. There always seems a sense of urgency especially with the motorbikes and rikshaws who make use of their compact vehicle size. The worst parts are the ‘chawlks’ where such drivers usually block traffic wasting valuable time and fuel, not to mention increasing levels of temperature and pollution which leads to smog.

What can be done to bring the traffic to a sane level? Driving testing system should be made elaborate where all traffic rules be taught and tested through a written and a practical driving test. On the other hand, the traffic law enforcement can be turned austere, very much like the developed countries, who moved to this extreme to create humane vehicle drivers. Additionally, actually fining traffic rule breakers will make the department only earn more money to facilitate it even further.