LAHORE             -           A special court for gender-based violence in Lahore has pronounced 10-year imprisonment and Rs300,000 fine to a convict in a rape case. The convict, Waheed Tariq Butt, has been pronounced to 10-year jail term and fine by the special court’s judge Rehmat Ali in the verdict over raping a girl residing in his neighbourhood. According to details, a complaint had been filed against Waheed Tariq But at Mughalpura police station in 2018. His crime was proved after the emergence of DNA report and testimonies of witnesses. In March 2019, A court on Tuesday sentenced two men to two years in jail for raping a 15-year-old girl in Lahore. Hearing the rape case, the child court’s Judge Muhammad Akhtar Bhangoo fined them Rs500,000 each and directed to submit the amount in the victim’s bank account. Beside awarding sentences to the culprits, the judge also fined their guardians Rs100,000 each.