ISLAMABAD-The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) on Tuesday selected 24 students to award scholarship under the Ehsaas Undergraduate Programme.

A statement released by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) said that the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) of the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project held its first meeting at the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), Rawalpindi to recommend students who applied for the scholarships.

The meeting shortlisted the students after evaluating their financial status and recommended those students who fulfilled the defined eligibility criteria of the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project.

Out of 100 applications received at NUMS, 24 students including 12 female and 12 male students, were recommended by the committee for the scholarship. The selected students are enrolled in various four and five-year undergraduate degree programmes. The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project is the largest scholarship project of Pakistan, which aims to provide higher education opportunity to talented youth unable to continue their studies due to financial constraints.

The project aims at promoting human capital investment, as it is imperative to invest in the human capital making the youth technologically skilled to meet the future challenges.

Under the project, scholarships are awarded to low-income students enrolled in four and five-year undergraduate programmes. All students from low-income families studying in undergraduate programmes in public sector universities are eligible to apply. Selection is based on need-cum-merit, i.e., on the basis of the student’s GPA and family income (below a maximum threshold). The scholarship covers tuition fee and a living stipend. About 50 per cent of the scholarships will be awarded to female students, while students with special needs as well as those from remote and downtrodden areas are also encouraged to benefit from the project.

A total of 132,198 applications have been received for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project. In current fiscal year, 50,000 scholarships will be awarded to the most deserving students who fulfil the criteria of the project.