Karachi                   -              “India has always wanted to discredit us and after the incident of 9/11 they got a chance to call us terrorists. All the incidents in India were attributed to Pakistan.

India never wants to leave a chance to harm us” these thoughts were expressed by Vice Admiral(R) Syed Arifullah Hussaini in the launching ceremony of GANGA to PULWAMA INDIA’S FALSE FLAG OPERATION by the authors Junaid Ahmed and Ibn-ul-Hassan Rizvi.  On the occasion, president Arts council, Karachi Muhammad shah said this book is the best exploration of two Pakistanis.  I congratulate both of them for writing this masterpiece. Our diplomats must read this book.

“If a nation is not financially stable, than they could never be independent” Ahmed Shah added.This event was held at Arts council of Pakistan Karachi. Sharing his views through video message Senator JavedJabbar said “The book presents a critical evolution of India’s numerous False Flag Operations against Pakistan and will serve as an eye opener for everybody”. Panelist Saboha khan expressing her views said that hard work of both authors is evident in this book. After reading this book readers will evaluate how we became the victims of false allegations and as a nation how we took subtle steps in all those situations. Author of the book Ibn-ul-Hassan in his speech said “In response to India’s conspiracy to defame Pakistan, I along with my coauthor investigated and researched all the past Incidents so that everybody can see that how India, with its game of deception has been hoodwinking the world by portraying Pakistan a terrorist country”.

Further in his speech Ibn-ul-Hassan said “There was no evidence against Pakistan in Pulwama attack, Modi created this ploy to win the election”. Coauthor of the book Junaid Ahmed expressing his views said that today on national television India’s representatives say “India is only for Hindus we will do whatever we think is right to do” I am sorry to say that now Muslims of India will be murdered. Responding a question Junaid Ahmed said“we sayKashmir is an Integral part of Pakistan but unfortunatelywe left it”.

The authors have covered comprehensively eight of India’s False Flag Operations starting with Hijacking of Ganga aeroplane in January 1971, India Parliament attack in Dec 2001, Arson in Train at Godhra leading to Gujrat Carnage in 2002, Samjhota Express Arson in Feb 2007, Mumbai Attacks in Nov 2008, Pathankot in Jan 2016, Uri Attack in Sept 2016 and Pulwama in Feb 2019.