LAHORE              -              Following the directions of Minister EPD M. Rizwan, Deputy Director EPA/focal person judicial water and environment commission Ali Ijaz took action against wastewater polluting units at Multan Road on Tuesday along with representatives of the judicial commission and Lahore Police. They sealed three units, not having proper arrangements of treatment plants after final notices by EPA, included units of knitwear, bakers and a mill. Before this DD EPA briefed to the minister in a departmental meeting that repeatedly served notices to different units in Lahore and also forwarded report to judicial commission.Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi had ordered to take action against units still violating the environment. He also directed to implement Punjab Environmental Protection Agency Act in true letter and spirit and pointed out that Punjab environmental protection agency should take action immediately against the illegally set up industrial units especially in the Lahore. In this regard, the minister directed to DG EPA to take prompt action to implement clean and green Punjab initiative.