ISLAMABAD (PR) - The Pakistan Television has rejected a news report published in a section of media regarding PTV’s operations, future business plans and restructuring including the recommendation to review the TV license fee by its Board of Directors terming it ill-founded, incomplete and is based on facts quoted completely out of context.

It said, constituted about a year ago the independent Board of Directors put in place an elaborate revamping and reform agenda for PTV comprising some immediate, short term, medium term and long term strategies to bring it at par with public broadcasters elsewhere in the world. As a result of these strategies PTV has recorded an operational profit of Rs. 300 million during FY 2018-19; after having run in losses for three consecutive years i.e; from 2015-2018.

Following these comprehensive reform strategies PTV is poised to continue as a public service TV, the primary role to be performed by a national broadcaster. Countries like UK, France, Germany and Turkey charge monthly TV license fee to fund BBC, France TV, DW and TRT respectively. The monthly TV license fee charged by these channels is GBP 13 (Rs. 2,567) by BBC; Euros 12 (Rs. 2,100) by France TV; Euros 18 (Rs. 3,150) by DW and 2% of monthly electricity bill by TRT.

Following the similar international model, the Pakistan Government charges a monthly TV license fee of Rs. 35 only.a