From the esteem article of your newspaper I would like to bring your courtesy towards the exam stress among pupils. Stress refers to the mental state or emotive tension or strain which occurs due to difficult circumstances. Stress can be together positive and negative. During exam time a little stress can motivate somebody to put to work. Whereas other times ample stress tend to make things out of hand.

Among pupils, stress is a common emotion when they are worried and feel under pressure. The pressure arising among students especially at the university level when they attain for a degree. Sometimes students acquire so much of stress that they begin to feel isolated and sense of well-being is damagingly affected. Sometimes it leads students near depression, sorts them irritable, experience anxiety and loses sleep.

In order to reduce anxiety among pupils, students must practice several mindfulness meditations. It helps the student to feel themselves and think upon their choice about what is effective and what is not. Pupils while studying must take mall breaks in between in order to reduce stress. Most importantly students must be made to believe in themselves over family and friends support. Parents should discuss with their child about their review and help them by not putting needless pressure or expectations upon them.