DUBAI - It will also soon be time to say goodbye to the winter season. The ongoing week will be the coldest of the year in the UAE, an expert has said. The week will mark the appearance of the “second Shevat star”, said Khaled Al Za’aq, a member of the Arab Federation for Space and Astronomy. He explained that during the appearance of the star, which is the last of the winter stars, the country will witness the coldest weather around the year. After the next 13 days, the winter will start to fade out. According to UAE Barq on Instagram, Al Za’aq said on Friday that the last star of the winter will mark the beginning of the end for the winter season for this year. n the north-eastern tip of the country, which is expected to experience a low of 4°C, temperatures will reach a high of just 9°C. Along the coast, there will be a low of 11°C during early morning hours, with temperatures climbing to 24°C in the middle of the day. Further inland, temperatures will climb from a low of 10°C to a high of between 19°C and 21°C. Sandstorms, which plagued the country at the start of the working week, are expected to continue throughout Monday.

Parts of the country, particularly in northern and eastern areas, will also be covered in a blanket of cloud. Wind speeds may reach 55kph by the coast and in mountainous regions.