The Sindh province has always given its blood to Pakistan but in return see what Pakistan has given to its innocent people. The people of Sindh will never forget the judicial murder of their beloved leader who made Pakistan the first Islamic country of the world that is a nuclear power. His sons and daughter were killed in broad daylight by the invisible powers. The poor people looked to the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to bring change their life. She stirred the people from slumber and shook the foundation of the establishment. But the powers-that-be eliminated the leader of the poor to perpetuate their misrule. Their nefarious plan does not stop here. They have now punished the poor people of Sindh who had voted PPP into power. First the hometown of BB was deprived of the Chief Ministership of Sindh. Then, the slot of Prime Minister was given to the province where BB was murdered. Sindh is negligibly represented in the federal cabinet and Sindhis are, as usual, left in the lurch. Their piled up problems have not been addressed appropriately. Their quota in federal government has been devoured with impunity. The nefarious plan to divide the people of Sindh at district level is under process. The people of Sindh wonder why the will of Benazir has not been fulfilled and Sindh not been compensated justly. -PROF DR ABDUL QAYUM MANGI, Sukkur, via e-mail, July 13.