The metropolitan city of Lahore had its first proper shower of Monsoon on Saturday, the 12th of July. Half of the city including many modern housing societies like DHA were under knee deep water within no time. The remaining city, especially the unplanned Kuchi Abadis were fully drowned. As usual, the city fathers, including the CM, came out of their Pajeros with the media teams in tow to visit the affected areas, wading through dirty waters and admonishing the district management. Monsoons come every year and this farce is also repeated every year. The city administration has the whole year to mend or develop the drainage system of every locality and open the choked sewage pipes. They have the necessary funds and machinery. There is nothing wrong with the system on which our so called political leaders harp all the time. The system does not need change but we need to implement the system and work honestly. There has to be honest supervision of development works and utilization of funds. The staff should be recruited on merit. The sewage equipment need to be periodically checked and maintained. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, July 12.