In the past 100 plus days, the only sensible policy statement issued by the PM is that he would reduce the population growth rate to 1.5% in the next 5 years (Population Day speech). Though it's wishful thinking, it makes some sense. At least, something else, besides judges etc, has been talked about. Yes Mr PM I am very glad that you have given this target. But how will you do it? Unless, of course, he has a magic wand, of which we don't know. Perhaps not as low as 1.5%, but we can bring the rate of population growth to something like 2% and that is not so bad either. My name is given below. I am an expert in services marketing. My address can be had from the newspaper. I offer my services to the nation in this arduous task. My only ask is that this issue be tackled head on and not as usual, through bureaucracy. Mr PM The problem with us is not that we can't do what we want. The real issue is that we do not do what we should have done. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 13.