LAHORE - Commenting on government's futile attempt to place the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) under Interior Ministry, Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Pervaiz Elahi has termed the move as part of its agenda to reduce army's strength and to curtail its budget, with the underlying objective of weakening the institution and the country. While addressing leaders of PML-Q in an informal meeting held at his residence here on Monday, Pervaiz described the attempt a conspiracy hatched against what he called the respectable and effective Army institution. He said that issuance of the notification was reflective of the level of interest the coalition government had in country's integrity and solidarity. Pervez was of the view that coalition government, which, according to him, came into power after conspiracies, with the help of some unwise and imprudent politicians used this institution for its political gains. Now after accomplishing its agenda, the government was trying to tarnish ISI's image in total disregard of the services it rendered for the country. Any measures taken against the ISI would please only the enemies of Pakistan, he claimed. The Punjab PML-Q President said those who came into power on the basis of their hollow slogans were not sincere with the people of Pakistan; rather they were more inclined towards their personal interests. They neither have ability to solve the problems of the downtrodden people nor have they any interest in resolving issues of national importance, he added. He said it was customary to take Opposition Leader on board while taking important decisions, but the coalition government even did not bother to take into confidence the President, chiefs of armed forces and the head of ISI before deciding this institution's fate. Pervaiz thanked Allah Almighty that some forces retaliated and thwarted government's attempt to make ISI a powerless and an ineffective institution.