The suicide attacks have started again. That should be a cause of concern for all Pakistanis. The suicide bombing has distorted the image not only of our country but also our great religion that preaches peace, tranquility and harmony between peoples. These acts have badly affected the life of common citizen and have also effected the psyche of our younger generation as well as the law-enforcement personnel. Who is behind all this is not the question. The real question is shouldn't we all collectively fight this menace once and for all with our full might? There is no question of leaving the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies alone in the lurch in this fight without the people's support at their back. In my view both internal and external factors are involved. This is no time to sit idol or stay mum over these dastardly acts. It is time to act and join our hands against this menace otherwise Allah would never forgive us for our collective sin. -SUMAIRA NAZ, Wah Cantt., via e-mail, July 12.