BAGHDAD  - The US-led multinational force in Iraq has cleared American soldiers of any wrongdoing after they shot dead three civilians in June, a statement by the military said on Monday. A probe by the multinational coalition showed that "neither the soldiers nor (the) civilians involved in the incident were at fault," the statement added. On June 25, US soldiers near Baghdad airport opened fire on a vehicle that approached them at high speed, the statement said, adding that the soldiers were among a group checking a military vehicle that had broken down. "While working on the vehicle, a civilian vehicle approached the rear of the convoy, at what appeared to the soldiers to be a high rate of speed despite several obstructions in the road," the statement said. "The soldiers felt there was a threat," it said, and they opened fire at the vehicle after first firing warning shots. No weapons were found in the civilian vehicle and "there was no enemy fire" involved in the incident. The statement said the victims were "all honourable Iraqis who were on their way to their jobs" at a local bank.