ISLAMABAD - While the opposition members staged walkout from the Upper House against Senator Raza Rabbanis remarks on Tuesday, Federal Minister for Postal Services Israr Ullah Zahri grilled the government for its failure in controlling the growing incidents of target killing and undue harassment of masses in the name of security check in the province. Pandemonium was witnessed in the Senate when Salim Saifullah Khan of PML-Q and Raza Rabbani of PPP exchanged harsh words on the issues of membership of Planning Commission and Balochistan crisis. However, Presiding Officer Col (Retd) Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi expunged these words from the proceedings. Later, Rabbani apologized on the floor of the House and said that he withdrew his words about Salim Saifullah. Earlier, Rabbani on a point of order of Senator Zahid Khan said that the government would take every step for removing reservations about Balochistan and other small provinces relating to provincial autonomy and membership of Planning Commission. He said that the issue of Balochistan was very critical and the government was taking it seriously. He ensured the House that representation would be given to Balochistan and other smaller provinces in the Planning Commission. He added that he also wrote two separate letters to the Prime Minster in this regard. He said that comprehensive recommendations about financial, law and order and other issues in consultation with Balochistan Governor and Chief Minster had been presented in the Committee constituted by the Prime Minster. The unruly situation in the House was witnessed when Salim Saifullah said after Razas point of order that delivering lecture and point securing is not needed in the House. On it, harsh words were changed between both the Senators. On the remarks by Raza Rabbani, the opposition walked out from the House as a protest. Later, Senators Abdul Malik and Hasil Bizenjo on a point of order said that the incident of target killing in Qutta was continuing and young people were being kidnapped. They claimed that the FC was harassing the masses in the name of security check. Federal Minister for Postal Services Israrullah Zahri admitted this on the floor of the House and said that the FC was harassing the people in the name of security. The police arrested the culprits of targeting killing, however, a law enforcement agency personnel influenced the police for getting them released, he claimed. Later, talking to media persons at the Assembly cafeteria, Leader of Opposition in Senate Wasim Sajjad and other Q-League Senators Salim Saifullah Khan and Jamal Leghari came down hard on the ruling party and the way it was conducting the proceedings of the Upper House. They said that so far Opposition had shown a lot of decency in the conduct of the proceedings of the Upper House but the way the ruling coalition had started misbehaving with them, they would be forced to not let the house function in smooth fashion. Wasim Sajjad regretted the tone and tenor adopted by Rabbani against Salim Saifullah who had not let him speak to clarify his position on the points he had raised against him and the previous government for mishandling the issues relating to smaller provinces. He further said that they would continue their boycott till the time Rabbani tendered apology to Saifullah on the floor of the House. Talking on the occasion, Saifullah said that he was not expecting such a rude behaviour from a veteran politician like Rabbani and he was deeply hurt the way he was treated unceremoniously. He recalled when Rabbani and his party were sitting on Opposition benches, they used to listen to their criticism with open heart. He said that the PML-Q Senators would not go back to the House as they were there for legislation and not to get into brawls with their colleagues. Jamal Leghari said that Rabbani was doing all this to secure ministerial slot in the federal cabinet and he should tender apology to one of the senior members of the House for his misbehaviour. In the meantime, when the temper of Rabbani cooled down, he rose to his seat and asked the chair to expunge the barbs he had exchanged with Saifullah and regretted for what had happened in the House. He also took back his words saying that he thought what unpleasant words he had exchanged with Saifullah were below the parliamentary norms. But the Q-League Senators never turned up in the Senate till the time of its adjournment for Wednesday afternoon.