MIRANSHAH - A soldier of Khasadar Force was killed and five others injured as a result of suicide attack against a check post at Miranshah, Headquarters of North Waziristan Agency, on Tuesday. As per details, a suicide bomber struck his explosive-packed motorcar with the boundary wall of Deer Doni check post in Miranshah town. A portion of the check post was damaged whereas one soldier of the Khasadar Force was killed on the spot and five others injured. The body of the suicide bomber was blown into pieces and the motorcar was completely destroyed. Soon after the suicide attack, the administration imposed curfew in the Civil Colony and important roads. During this period, the personnel of security forces opened fire against the occupants of a motorcar for violating the curfew. Four occupants of the vehicle were killed whose identity was yet to be confirmed. Curfew like situation exists in most parts of Miranshah town where all bazaars and shops were closed. Traffic on main roads connecting Miranshah with Pak-Afghan border, Bannu, Mirali and Razmak came to halt.