KARACHI - Despite the passage of three months, Sindh government has yet to recruit teachers on the vacant posts of JST (Junior School Teachers), HST (High School Teachers) and PST (Primary School Teachers). We are under intense pressure from applicants and their relatives, who ask about the outcome of recruitment test held nearly three months ago, an official of CDGK Education Department told The Nation on Tuesday. He said that applicants placed dozens of phone calls to the office of education department on daily basis but EDO Education Karachi Ibrahim Kumbher seems indifferent towards the issue. He added that summery had been sent to the Chief Minister House to get approval for these appointments. It is pertinent to mention here that the World Bank had provided Rs 50.5 million to education department to conduct recruitment test for the vacant posts of JST, HST and PST. The World Bank has found many flaws and complaints of corruption in the JST test and is concerned over the unnecessary consumption of money in the organisation of these tests. The competent authorities of World Bank, working in Pakistan, have already shown dissatisfaction over the authenticity of the recruitment tests for teachers, a source in the Sindh Education Department said. Despite the formation of several enquiry committees by the EDO Education and Provincial Minister for Education and Literacy Pir Mazharul Haq, no action could be taken against the culprits who did massive corruption in the recruitment tests. These committees even could not furnish their reports about poor performance of the education department. On the other hand, the illegal employment of a female teacher at the CDGK education department has once again exposed the level of corruption in this sector. It will be worth mentioning here that an appointment letter was issued on 27th March 2009 to a female Junior School Teacher, who had not taken any employment test. It is the blatant violation of an agreement signed between the World Bank and Sindh Education Department which says that no teacher could be recruited without a test.