ISLAMABAD Although Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik rushed to claim immediately after the plane crashed that he was personally monitoring the rescue operation, there was hardly any centralised leadership of rescuers. More or less an hours hike up to the incident site portrayed a gory scene of body parts scattered within a radius of almost a kilometre along with the pieces of plane amid thick and rocky forest. It was a long list of state outfits that participated in the rescue operation but without any centralised coordination and also in absence of the on-spot leadership. Everyone that reached the spot had simply no idea what to do. It would be without exaggeration that volunteers including a large number of Islamic International University students especially those living in the Kuwait hostel situated at the begging of track leading to the accident site outnumbered as well as outworked all other rescuers. But there was nobody to guide them, or at least organise such a massive workforce available in the form of volunteers that dared to rush to the site as soon as possible without bothering weather or hiking difficulties. In fact there was no planned or organised rescue operation but a plethora of haphazard efforts on part of every one who could reach the site. Except for Minister Malik who also issued this confusing statement that some of passengers survived the crash, everyone who reached the spot was clear in ones mind that the rescue meant nothing more than collecting bodies or body parts. But collecting dead bodies especially the body parts scattered all around the spot and then fetching them down the slippery trail was a task to reckon with. Thus the volunteers helped each other on their own and used small loggers to hang bags containing bodies and parts. Lack of coordination or centralised planning was evident from the fact that no one informed the hikers to carry at least bottles of water with them for those who were working ahead of them in a highly difficult scenario doing a cumbersome job. IIUI students that reached early realised that they needed some pieces of cloth at least to pack the body parts they were collecting or snatching from the branches of the trees. Finding nothing else some of them took their shirts off to wrap some smaller parts of the dead bodies. At certain point of time the rescue operation had gone haywire in a manner that the Capital Development Authority could not conceive need for saws or tree cutters in time. Only when a senior police official asked the CDA people for tree cutting machines to make passage to the site from the passing by track then they brought in these tools very late. Bottom line is that we have every sort of resources and array of different establishments and bureaucracies besides volunteerism having no parallel but only thing that we lack as a nation is coherence, collectiveness and above all honest leadership.