Media hype can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences. The flash coverage of recent kidnapping of a pers-on from a poultry feed company (The Nation, July 24) led to his kidnappers first demanding Rs. 50 million as ransom. But their demand very quickly escalated to Rs. 1 billion due to some newspaper reports of (inflated) value of his BMW car. The media reported worth of his car to be Rs. 35 million even though it may not be any more than Rs. 5 million as it was a second-hand model of 2002. The hype created by media made the kidnappers greedier. The government of Punjab ought to crackdown on kidnappers of industrialists and give them exemplary punishments. Unfortunately, the Punjab Police is often just too slack to trace perpetrators. There is, then, their problem of lack of resources in tracking down ransom calls of criminals. They should seek advice and help of the ISI which has the necessary technology. -DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore Cantt, July 26