ISLAMABAD(Online)-Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar has said that the tragic accident of private airline Air Blue was accidental and not an act of sabotage. Talking to media on Wednesday, he said that ,however, all aspects would be considered during investigations, for which a civil aviation team had already arrived in Islamabad, and had sealed and impounded all conversation record between air control tower and pilot for investigations. He regretted that nobody had survived the crash of Air Blue flight scheduled to land at Islamabad airport but had to be diverted to another runway, since one runway was busy. The hapless pilot diverted the aircraft to Margalla Hills, due to air pressure and intermittent rain in Rawalpindi and hit a hillock, losing control and crashing there, he added. He also announced compensation for kin of all victims, and said that while strict adherence was maintained over air traffic systems, these accidents still can and would occur. He also announced that remnants of victims were being searched for and said that he had contradicted the statement of Interior Minister that the plane was flying in a no-fly zone since according to him, the only no-fly zone area were either PM secretariat or President House.