It has been more than a year since the Sri Lankan team was attacked by terrorists in Lahore. I salute the brave Sri Lankan players who had openly said after the attack that they will come again to Pakistan to play cricket. Pakistan is a brotherly country and we love it, they had said. This must have disappointed the Indians very much. So one is pleased to hear that in the first Test at Galle in Sri Lanka, Muralitharan has completed his tally of 800 wickets against none other than India. This is a great record and I believe no other bowler in the world would be able to cross this landmark. I request the Pakistan government to award Muralitharan a special national award. After all, we had awarded a special national award to Dilip Kumar also. This would no doubt be a good gesture to enhance our friendship with Sri Lanka. -AHMAD YAR SOLANGI, Rohri, July 28