Afghan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) was recently signed by Pakistan allowing Afghanistan the right to use our territory to export goods to India. Actually this agreement was not researched carefully enough before signing at our end because it could have devastating economic and security con-sequences for Pakistan. Afghanistan is a landlocked country entirely dependent upon Pakistan for its trade so allowing right of way to Afghanistan is understandable but loopholes in this agreement could cost Pakistan dearly. The security concerns of Pakistan are legitimate in this case because the long, mountainous border between two countries is very difficult to monitor and if due care is not taken to make foolproof arrangements; APTTA may open a door of opportunity for smugglers on either side. The security apparatus in both countries in unorganized at present and corruption rife. There is every likelihood of illegal weaponry of the most sophisticated kind, along with the usual truckloads of contrabands, entering Pakistan through this door. -ANUM FAYYAZ, Rawalpindi, July 28