Muhammad Khan Sial thinks the whole Indus River belongs to Sindh and none other so he objects to Punjab taking any water from Indus through the Chahsma-Jhelum Link Canal. This may have been true when five rivers flowed through Punjab but after we lost three of those to India, the whole country had to share the remaining three rivers. Of these only the Indus has surplus flows from five big rivers which join its waters at the Kalabagh site. May I remind our friend from Sindh that Tarbela dam was built for Pakistan and not just for Sindh alone? Punjab too has a share in the water stored in Tarbela dam. From where can Punjab take this share of water except through the CJ Link Canal? Incidentally, Pakistans rivers were not sold by Punjab, as is often alleged but by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan when he signed the Inter Dominion Agreement with India in 1948 whereby Pakistan was to pay for water received from India. That was the time Pakistan should have asserted its rights as the lower riparian under international law. Ayub Khan could not have reversed what had been conceded ten years earlier. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, July 27.