LAHORE - The government is ignoring the Railways constantly, leading into higher traffic load and increasing accidents ratio. This was stated by Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Chairman Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Railways while briefing the media about a meeting held at Railway Headquarters here on Wednesday. Other members of the committee who attended the meeting included Nauman Islam Sheikh, Begum Nasim Akhtar, Dr Mahesar, Ms. Rahela Baloch, Dost Muhammad Mazari, Malik Ibrar Ahmad, Pir Muhammad Aslam Bodla, Dr Muhammad Ayoub Sheikh and Haji Rozuddin. After the meeting, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq gave a detailed briefing to the media men at the Railways Headquarters and said that the proposals and reservations put by the members of the committee were discussed and reviewed to save the Railways from the rapid revenue losses. He said that he himself had forwarded the suggestions to the government and discussed in the National Assembly that Federal government should also give bailout package to Railways like steel mill. He said that members of the committee also said that those living in the kachi abadies should show the property rights so that they could be cleared. He said that problem was also existing over the issue of the division of Railways lands as 50 per cent land was in the possession of provinces and 50 per cent in the control of Railways. He said that Pakistan Railways is going to regularise its more than 2,000 contractual employees, working for last three years. He said that Railway administration was hopeful that its deficit could be reduced by closing proposed 102 trains across the country. He said that a separate account would also be made to renovate the houses of employees whose salaries were being deducted but the position of the houses was dilapidated and unsatisfactory, He said that a summery had been sent to the PR chairman for regularising the Railways employees working for last three years. General Manager Operation Ashfaq Khattak said that PR had been facing the problems of repairs in about 270 trains, due to which the Department faced the revenue loss of about 26 billions last year. He said that recently six closed trains would help PR to avoid the revenue losses of 1.5 billions. He said that in next two years PR was not going to get any new locomotives and therefore currently about 40 trains were facilitating the 80 per cent passengers for the long distances. He said that about 102 trains were also identified which were causing revenue losses to the Department. General Manager Pakistan Railways Ashfaq Ahmad Khatak told media that it cost Rs 4 billion annually to run a train from Lahore to Karachi, while 274 trains were being operated across the country. He said that total deficit of Railways was Rs 26 billion adding Rs 15 billion was its operational deficit for the previous year. He said only 40 trains earned 80 percent of the total income, while 234 passenger trains were causing losses to the Railways. He said initially six trains would be closed which would lead to reduction of deficit by Rs 1.5 billion.