KARACHI (APP) - Brisk shipping was observed at port Qasim where out of seven, six ships scheduled to load/offload container, cement, project cargo, sugar, LPG and furnace oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Container terminal and FOTCO Terminal respectively on Tuesday, July 27. Meanwhile, two more ships carrying containers and diesel oil also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim during last 24 hours. A total of seven ships namely, Al Sabahia, Nedlloyed drake, Orient III, Dazi Yun, Tala, Gas Eastern and Fly Eagle are currently occupying berths to load/offload Containers, cement, project cargo sugar, LPG and furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours. A cargo volume of 75315 tonnes comprising 69219 tonnes imports and 6096 tonnes exports inclusive of containerized cargo carried in 1692 container (Boxes) was handled at the port during last 24 hours. Furnace Oil ships M.V Fly Eagle sailed out to sea during last 25 hours. while four more ships M.V Gas Eastern, Al Sabahia, Nedlloyed Drake and Dazi Yun are expected to sail on wednesday afternoon. Four ships, Rafflessia, Turquoise, Al Soor-II and Theresa Blossom carrying containers, diesel oil and Edible oil are expected to take berths at QICT, FOTCO and LCT Terminals respectively on Wednesday, July 28th.