Despite many periods of economic instability and perky law and order situations, Pakistan had never been in a position so vulnerable as we are now since we started acting as an active American ally in the global war on terror. The reward we have got is a barrage of recent negative statements by the US after Pakistan government refused to launch an offensive in North Waziristan Area immediately after the military operation in SWA due to mounting national security concerns within the country. That has not won US any hearts and minds here. The lack of strategic diplomacy of US officials is apparent by the fact that American officials are now demanding that their security interests be deemed superior than even Islam-abads own concerns. That is basically what US Admiral Mike Mullen has demanded, indeed made the central theme of his nineteenth visit to Islamabad in the past two years. Whenever the US does acknowledge the sacrifices we are making for America, it is usually laced with a dash of suspicion as was a recent report issued by the American Armed Forces service that noted with concern that Pakistani effort was not perfect. US Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clintons recent warning of serious consequences for Pakistan has also widened the trust deficit to a massive degree. The US has to understand that even as Pakistan fulfils the critical role of being lance-head of the us war effort, it has grave internal problems of its own that are central to its being as a state. The US inability to address these real issues is hazardous for the partnership. A far more mature approach needs to be adopted by US in order to gain support from the people of Pakistan. Pakistanis need to be convinced that their government is working with the US for a war that is in the best interests of both. -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, July 27.