They are more commonly used by countries to spy on each other or inflict devastating air strikes. But when a Chinese bakery decided to purchase three mini-drones to deliver its prized cakes and pies, it thought it was onto a winner.

However, the bakery’s ambitions have been left all pie in the sky after officials in Shanghai grounded its entire fleet. It came after residents in the sprawling city were left concerned as the baked goods flew above their heads at speed.

The Incake bakery recently purchased three mini-drones and used them to carry its products from its main branch to customers on the outskirts of the city.

Measuring three-and-a-half feet wide and weighing 22lb, the remote-controlled drones also were mounted with twin cameras to identify customers. However, as reported by The Daily Telegraph, they did not prove popular with everybody.

Last week, a cake drone was spotted during a delivery swerving past skyscrapers before crossing the Huangpu river.

Tourists on the ground were left mystified by its appearance. As reported by the Shanghai Daily newspaper,  one internet commentator said: ‘What if a cake fell on a passer-by from the sky?’

However, despite its apparent success, Incakes fleet has now been suspended following concerns by the local civil aviation authority. Officials said all unmanned aircraft need approval before they can be used for business.

Incake said its service will be suspended until it gets the relevant permits. Incake describes itself as a high-class modern bakery. Orders for its £200 cakes can only be taken online.

The bakery claims its selection of cakes are devised by a ‘British top-class cake master’, called ‘Mr Vincent’.