Protection of life and property of citizens is the foremost obligation of the police and strenuous efforts would be made to purge the district of crime.

District Police Officer Rana Ayaz Saleem said that the police were striving to establish a society where aggrieved persons could not hesitate from getting a case registered against the wrongdoers.

He expressed these views during a meeting with Working Journalist Forum Senior President here the other day.

He said that elimination of crime from the district would be ensured at any cost.

Crimes like gambling, prostitution and drug-peddling have reduced to a great extent he said and urged the public and the media to cooperate with the police for elimination of crime.

The DPO said that he always directed his subordinates to improve their behaviour with the masses and respect the law-binding and gentlemen with their good attitude.

He said that he and his team would be ever ready to take any step which could help resolve the public issues and help maintain a peaceful environment.