Paris:  An aeroplane enthusiast has taken his obsession a step further than most after using his son’s bedroom to build a Boeing 737 flight simulator that exactly mimics the real thing.

Laurent Aigon, 40, from Lacanau in France, has spent the last five years collecting and buying components from around the world in order to put together his simulator with best friend and fellow enthusiast (obviously) Jean-Paul Dupuy.

The pair have spent thousands of euros on internet orders for bits and pieces to construct the simulator - which is so realistic that the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport asked him to give a lecture on his achievement.

Mr Aigon has since schooled himself in all the procedures for take off and landing and says he is able to fly his ‘plane’ just like a real-life pilot. He also has interest from a couple of major aircraft manufacturers who want to use his creation to simulate various scenarios.–Metro

It is unclear what Mr Aigon’s son - who sleeps in a bunkbed crammed into the corner to make enough space for the simulator - thinks of his dad’s favourite toy (and the prospect of having engineers lining up outside his room).