MALAKAND - Hunar Kor Pahktunkhwa organised a peace walk here at Thana area on Sunday.

This peace walk started from Wali Jamaat and ended at Asam Shaheed Chock. Children, members of civil society, social workers and media persons took part in the peace walk. Children were carrying placards and banners describing various slogans regarding peace. The participants of peace walk were chatting slogans: “We want peace, we don’t need weapons, we should be given toys not weapons.”–Staff Reporter

The organisers of the peace walk and children told media that children take inspiration from their surrounding, saying: “If today children are given weapon toys, tomorrow they will play with real weapons. Therefore, especially on the Eid occasion, we should give our children such types of toys, which help them in enhancing their creative thinking and not violence.”

They also appealed to the business community that they should not keep such type of toys in their shops, which create war atmosphere. They also demanded of local administration to forbid shopkeepers from keeping weapon toys in their shops.