KARACHI  - PR - With respect to the news item titled “ PSO still in the grips of circular debt” published in The Nation on 26th July, it is clarified here that no official or spokesperson from PSO ever spoke directly to the journalist/ reporter with respect to this article.

It is highlighted here that the points attributed to PSO officials/ spokesperson have not been shared by Company officials and are not reflective of the Company’s stance on this matter. PSO is deeply grateful to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and in particular to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MNPR) for the support they have extended to the Company. PSO is also deeply appreciative of the efforts made by the MoF in resolving the matter of the circular debt which afflicted the energy sector and the recent tranche of payments issued by the Ministry for settling of the same.

The Company would also call upon the newspaper to verify the contents of any article pertaining to PSO or which claim to incorporate the statements of the company’s officials before publishing the same.

Cognizant of its responsibilities as the nation’s leading public sector company, PSO is committed to fulfilling the fuel needs of the nation in a responsible and timely manner.