The UNIDO will set up a state-of-the-art centre for value addition of different fruits including apple and dates in Balochistan.  It was discussed during a meeting at the University of Agriculture.

A UNIDO expert said that Balochistan has significance in the production of apples, dates and grapes. But the province is losing the productivity in the shape of post harvest losses due to a lack of value addition system. “We would establish a modern centre in Quetta to cope with the situation. the centre is aimed at creating the abilities among the farming community regarding increasing production with the help of value addition and latest harvesting techniques etc,” he said. He added that steps are being taken to educate the Balochistan farming community about latest practices with the help of National Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, UAF.  Separately, GC University Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir has said 8,161 PhD scholars have been produced so far in the country and 15 scholars complet degrees weekly in Pakistan. He said that the country had 1,039 PhD scholars in the field of agriculture and veterinary sciences, 1,211 in arts and humanities, 1,692 in biological and medical sciences, 1,978 in social sciences, 288 in engineering and technology and 143 in business education.