LAKKI MARWAT - Residents of Haqdadabad and Hamidabad localities have been facing acute shortage of drinking water for the last couple of weeks owing to failure of municipal committee’s officials to repair broken water supply lines.

Talking to this correspondent on Sunday, elders said that the both congested localities of Lakki city had three water supply schemes to meet the drinking water needs of area people. “But all three tube wells are out of order subjecting the residents to confront shortage of drinking water in the holy month of Ramazan,” they told.

They said that Shafqat Khan Tube Well went out of order a week ago and the matter was brought into the notice of quarters concerned but to no avail. The tube well provides clean water to a large portion of Mohallah Haqdadabad”, they maintained.

They said that lethargic attitude of municipal committee’s officials forced the area people to purchase drums and cans full of water by spending huge money out of their limited financial resources. They said that power transformers in Haqdadabad and Hamidabad localities were also faulty hence residents could not run water pumps to get water for drinking purposes and other domestic needs.

Similarly, Waris Khan Water Supply Scheme and Hamidabad Water Supply Schemes have also been lying out of order since long but authorities concerned are not interested to repair them,” they told. They said that sale of water from the MC storage tank had become a soaring business in Lakki city, alleging that MC officials are involved in the ugly practice of selling drums full of water in residential and commercial areas.

“If water sellers are running the business in connivance with MC officials and if tube wells are repaired on time then who will buy water from them,” they added. They also told that 50KV transformers had been out of order in Haji Mehmood and Shafqat streets of Haqdadabad locality for the last couple of days, which had added to the miseries of locals.

“In Haji Mehmood Street residents contributed twice to repair the transformer in last two weeks but it again became faulty,” they revealed. They demanded of the district administration and higher functionaries of provincial government to take notice of the situation and direct local quarters concerned to repair broken water supply schemes and faulty power transformers without any delay.

Separately, decrease in water supply from the Water and Power Distribution Authority (WAPDA) leads the city to massive water shortage during Ramadan, claimed KWSB MD.

Karachi Water and Storage Board Managing Director Misbahuddin Farid expressed his concerns over unannounced decrease in water supply from Wapda. He upheld that during Ramadan, it’s unfair to low the water supply when its demand is high.

“Karachi receives 100 million gallons of water supply daily and the KWSB supplies it to North Karachi, Baldia Town, Sher Shah and subrubs,” he maintained adding Wapda is currently supplying us 85 million gallons of water daily causing water scarcity in the areas above. He said the demand of water would increase during last Ashra when people not only hold Aitekaf and need more water. The KWSB chief requested the elected national and provincial representatives to take notice of the situation and notify Wapda so that sum of water could be restored.

Farid said KWSB has notified the Hub Dam project director about the problem several times but full volume of water has not been restored yet. The MD remarked if the quota was not restored within few days, the areas mentioned above could face severe water shortage.

In the end, the chief directed the distribution system engineers to formulate a strategy to cope with the current situation and stay in full coordination with Wapda officials. He hoped the KWSB officials would ensure swift supply during Ramadan.