The death of great veteran journalist, Dr. Majid Nizami, has ended one of the brightest chapters in the history of Pakistan. Nizami was not the mere name of an individual, but an ideology. Essentially based on his beliefs, ideas and practices, there has been a doctrine that can rightly be termed as ‘Nizamiism’. This doctrine is known for protecting both the ideological frontiers and national interests of Pakistan. Dr. Nizami spent his life in identifying and indicating internal and external challenges and dangers faced by the country.

He was an active and vocal opponent of all autocratic and dictatorial military regimes. He was also a great critic of the myopic vision, selfish pursuits and undemocratic behavior of our various ‘democratic’ leaders. Internationally, Nizami actively raised his voice in support of the suppressed and oppressed people of Kashmir, Palestine and stranded Biharis in Bangladesh. He also took a courageous stand against the anti-Pakistan agenda of India and the imperialist and pro-Zionist policies of the US. Although, he is physically among us no more, his ideology and legacy will continue to survive.


Lahore, July 27.