I was four years old when my late grandmother asked her sons and daughters to come with their families to Islamabad so they all can celebrate Eid together. As a young boy, even though I knew nothing about the importance of Eid but I was excited during those four days by the presence of all family members, cousins in our small home. I thoroughly enjoyed those days and it still remains one of the most cherishable Eid of my life.
My father is a pilot in Pakistan International Airline and his flying duties require him to be away from home on most of the days.  We have celebrated very few Eids with him. In other words most of our Eids were just ordinary days. Wearing new clothes and shoes eating delicious dishes on Eid was never matter of satisfaction for me and the whole family as we always missed our father who was away on a flight that is why I can feel the agony of all those families who celebrate their Eids without their loved ones due to their professional commitments. These personnel include professionals who belong to the Essential Services like Armed Forces, Police, Airlines and Railways, Telephone, Rescue services etc. These people have to respond to the call of duty leaving everything behind. Most of the Essential Service personnel are required to be on duty even on Eid days and they along with their families have to live with this reality.
Keeping Eid celebrations aside, we should keep in mind the sacrifices of these personnel which they make for the country. These people are the real super heroes of the society who give first priority to their duty and second to the family.
There are not many people who have the courage to put their own lives at risk in order to save life of hundreds of fellow citizens but in fact our armed forces and police actually put their life in danger   and they are trained to do so. Keeping the perks and privileges on one side, it is the honour, the pride and the motivation to serve the country that drives them not to think about their own lives and happiness but to think only and solely for the safety of the common citizens.
The teaching of Eid as per our religion is to share happiness with the fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. The recent crisis in North Wazirsitan due to the ongoing army operation has displaced almost nine million people from their homes and presently they are living in camps with their families. They are going to celebrate their first Eid away from their homes in camps. Although government and NGOs are trying their best to facilitate these displaced persons but these IDPs cannot enjoy that much comfort which they used to enjoy in their homes settled with their friends, relatives and families. Now it is our duty not to forget them on their first Eid in these terrible conditions. They are living in tents under the burning sun and the annual monsoon rains are about to start thus they will be the at the mercy of these extreme weather conditions.
I can recall one more Eid like the one I had mentioned in the first paragraph. It was almost after fifteen years that the entire family got together in Lahore but minus our grandmother. All our cousins had grown up mostly in their teenage and so it was again a grand memorable Eid. On this particular Eid, as we came out from the Eid Gah after offering Eid prayers, my father straightaway went to the on duty police officer and wished him Eid Mubarak and then he told us that this gentleman has sacrificed his Eid for us and we should realize it. In the same way, hundreds of others on duty personnel do not get the opportunity to celebrate Eid because of their professional commitments. These people and their families deserve a lot of praise for this and we as citizens should acknowledge and appreciate it. We may not be able to appreciate this properly but Allah Pak will definitely reward them. n