Ramadan is a holy month that gives us an ample amount of time to reconsider, reevaluate our life and check our commitments, not only to Allah but also to the world and to humanity. Our commitment to Allah and to the world has to be practiced. We have to prove by our actions that we are good Muslims, not just by fasting and praying. There is so much good we can do but we are all hesitant in doing so as we do not trust anyone, be it our government or an NGO. Now, because of the operation in North Waziristan, there are millions of IDPs suffering from displacement, lack of food, health, care and shelter. This is a national disaster but the governments of Sindh and Punjab have closed their borders to these displaced Muslims.

Islam teaches us sharing. We should be giving our surplus to the needy but that seems to be missing in today’s Muslim community. Half of the government, including the Prime Minister left for Umrah. Instead of leaving, he should have dealt with this situation. The common man is religiously observing fast while the traders and vendors have doubled the prices of essential items to fleece them. Who will take care of the nation when the rulers are clearly so self-obsessed?


UK, July 26.