It has been observed in urban and rural areas of Pakistan, especially in Sindh, that people have become involved in gambling by playing different games, such as cards, carrom board, ludo (board game) and other games.

When studied how they get involved in the practice, it was learnt that one seasoned “gambler” involves them in gambling and makes the newcomer habitual by making him play different games. Finally he also becomes a gambler and reproaches the society.

There were two notable reasons for which people become gamblers: unemployment and poverty. These two are the main causes behind the downfall of the country. People have no jobs, no money due to unemployment, and hence no means of satisfying their own needs and bearing the responsibility of their family. Sometimes, they want to earn money in a short time, by any means - even gambling.

Poverty is another factor which turns youths into gamblers. People already have limited resources and in this current era and it is difficult to get a job. Even if they find one, their salaries are much lower that inflation in Pakistan. This is why youth play a shortcut to earn money by spending a short time in gambling their money.

On the other hand, people have no time to even think for themselves. They are mostly engaged in gambling or if they are free they keep on thinking about turning others into gamblers.

If they lose money in gambling, they sell out their domestic valuables, such as jewelry, etc. imagining that the next time they will win money. As a result, they lose each and everything they possess to their habit of gambling. Then, they resort to borrowing from others on interest and again use the borrowed amount in gambling. Mental stress leads people - including the gambler and his family - to many problems, like depression, anxiety, and hypertension.

People have moved far away from the real purpose of their creation. They never think about the reasons behind their creation. Who created us? People have no time to sit with their parents and family members for a chat. What they seem to be concerned about is the outer beauty, which is only transient.

A gambler consumes all of his time in gambling, forgetting other responsibilities like taking care of his family, educating his children, etc.. If he loses everything in gambling, he will fall a victim to mental stress, depression, anxiety, and hypertension.

The government should work on reducing unemployment and poverty rate. Children can't study and have to drop out from school before graduating because their parents don't have enough money to pay their tuition fee. These children grow up without full education. They can't find good jobs or they end up as unemployed. The government should invest in the education of people so that they can become educated and earn for their family. The government should also take stern action against gamblers so that youth, old people and new generations can be saved, and this unethical practice which is prohibited by Islam, can be put to an end.