SIALKOT-At least 55 villages were inundated due to high flood in the rivers and Nullahs here, and big breaches occurred at seven points of the seasonal nullahs on Thursday forcing the people to shift to safer places.

Forty villages of Pasrur tehsil were inundated as the protective dyke of the flooded Nullah Dek developed a big breach near village Dariya Nangal-Pasrur on Thursday. High flood in Nullah Aik caused seven big breaches in its banks and protective dykes in and around the Sialkot city during the last night.

However, the repairing of the breached dykes occurred in Nullah Aik and Nullah Dek in Sialkot, Daska and Pasrur tehsils could not be started by the district administration.

The villages include Dariya Nangal, Seehowal, Eispur, Shehzada, Wyne, Dhool Bajwa, Ooncha Pahaarang, Roopowali, Kaallowali, Umaara, Kheerey, Jabbokey, Jhaatokey and Tanbu Ghalib Shah. The flood also damaged paddy, fodder and other seasonal crops on hundreds of acres of land.

About three to four feet water was accumulated in these villages. The local people had to take shelter on the rooftops of their houses during the heavy rain in the region.

Pasrur Assistant Commissioner Zaheer Liaqat said that the relief activities were underway in these flood-hit villages. He said that three flood relief centres have been established in Pasrur tehsil for the affectees there.

According to the DCO, the breaches were occurred in the banks of Nullah Aik near Sialkot city’s congested Naikapura, Hajipura, Muhallah Araazi Yaqub , Shujaabad-Shafi Da Bhatta, Bahaar Colony and near village Nagor-Ghueinky (Daska tehsil) here.

These breaches flooded the urban areas of Sialkot city besides, inundating eleven villages of Daska tehsil near Nagor-Daska village. Almost all the urban areas of Sialkot city remained flooded for the second day due to flood in Nullah Aik.

The traffic on Sialkot-Bhaagowal Road and Sialkot-Pasrur Road remained suspended due to floodwater on these roads. Both the Nullahs continued to play havoc in Sialkot, Daska and Pasrur tehsils, badly exposing the flood protection and flood fighting arrangements made by the Sialkot district administration.

The flow of floodwater was 34,383 cusecs in Nullah Aik near Sialkot and 12,773 cusecs in Nullah Dek near Pasrur here today. As many as 16 Bajwat villages including Saddarpura, Ghazipur, Kaliyaal, Papeen, Jog, Bheince, Khanu Bhaou, Gangwal, Kothey Pathanan, Bajwaal, Beli and Dariya Bider were inundated due to flood in River Tavi due to which the local people started shifting towards the safer places.

As many as 20 villages including Dariya Bider Neewaan, Oochraan, Sabz Peer, Raajhan, Harnah, Chaki, Machchraala, Chakraala, Nandpur and Bahdarpura were inundated due to flood in Nullah Neel Waan near Head Marala. In Chaprar-Sialkot, nine villages Chaprar, Saalehpr, Bhelli, Patwal Khurd, Patwal Kalan, Jhumiyaan Dalaalaan, Jhumiyaan Sulehriyaan and Jhumiyaan Gujjaraan were inundated due to flood in River Tavi near Chaprar.

Local people were shifting towards the safer places. There was a low level flood in River Chenab at Head Marala-Sialkot, as flow flood water was 125,313 cusecs there. River Tavi was also in high flood with 17,428 cusecs of water flow near Head Marala-Sialkot. On the other hand, Nullah Baeen was also in high flood near Shakargarh here. The local people started shifting towards the safer places after the flood alert warning issued by the district administration.

Meanwhile, the Sialkot DCO said that the relief activities were on in the above mentioned flood-hit areas of Sialkot city and the villages. He said that repairing of the breaches in both Nullahs Aik and Dek would be started very soon as the flow of flood water was very fast there, creating hindrances in the repair works.

Meanwhile, heavy rain continued to lash Sialkot region on Thursday badly paralysing the civic and business activities.

In Pakka Garha, local trader Nazir Ahmed’s daughter Fatima (12) was electrocuted after receiving severe electrical shock from a water pump during rain.

Naikapura-based Haris (18) drowned in the flooded Nullah Aik near Naikapura. Kashif Iqbal (24) of Muhallah Farooqabad drowned in flooded Nullah Palkhu near Dera Gujjaraan-Sambrial while fishing.

According to the Rescue 1122 officials, the search was on for the drowned.